What is this really for?

I remember a few years ago when blogs became the “cool” thing to do, I always swore I would never be one of *those* people. I mean, really, who is self-centered enough to believe that a world of strangers with better things to be doing with their lives would want to sit down and read their daily ramblings and see photos of their families. And really, isn’t it a bit odd to be sharing some of the most intimate moments of your life with complete strangers, especially when you barely share those feelings with those you are friends or acquaintances with?

And then I started reading blogs. One at first. Then two. Now there are a couple that I know their website by heart in case I’m on a computer without my favorites list so I can check in and see if the writer has any new words of wisdom. Most of them, I’ll admit, are mommy blogs, or multiples blogs, or a combination of both. There are a few where I think at random times of the week, “Is it Sunday yet? I really want to read her newest update in “Our Story!” It’s not?? DARN!” And then I count down until she posts again. I’ll be honest – it’s a bit of an addiction. I don’t think my husband understands often (if at all). I guess it’s one of those moments of connection with others, though. In a world where everything has become so impersonalized and technology-driven, these online blogs and connections are the one place that a mother of infant triplets can log in at 2 am and get a little bit of “me” time while maintaining a relationship with someone other than her immediate family.

It’s a place that I can escape. It’s a place that I can realize, I’m not the only one. That moment where you ask yourself, “Am I the only one this happens to?!” This world is where I realize that while I am complaining that my children won’t be quiet for 5 minutes so that I can read a blog, it is in that blog where a mother has lost a child that I realize I should never complain about that. I’d prefer to have a loud, messy, crazy house, than for one day go through what she has gone through.

And then I wonder – for everything that these other moms/women/people go through and post on their blog, what are they not posting? I mean, do they self-moderate and only post what they can handle to? Or do they post everything, lay it completely bare, and hope that those closest to them understand that they aren’t seeking help or advice, but rather they just need to get it out there in hopes that someone going through the same thing knows they aren’t alone?

So I guess the whole point is that I’m still figuring these things out as well. Originally this was intended to keep family and friends up to date on the craziness that is our life, from the boring day-to-day happenings to the exciting moments and firsts that, when you have 4 children, you just simply cannot call or email about everytime it happens. Now? I’m not so sure. The more I read these other sites, the more I realize that for all they give me, I hope to provide some semblance of inspiration or hope to others. But I also don’t want to sugar coat it. Life with triplets and an older child is not always puppies and sunshine. In fact, it rarely is. But those moments of pure delight and love and hope are what get you through till the next one. And some day we’ll be lounging back in Yellowstone, working for the season as old retired people while our children are off in college, or married, or with kids of their own, and we’ll look back and try to remember these moments. And I hope that I will have remembered to print some posts out, and log them for prosperities sake. So that I can remember both the good and the bad times and just how worthwhile it all was.

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