What has happened to time?

I thought time travel hadn’t been invented yet. Boy was I wrong.

Wow, so today we signed up for parents night out here at the daycare on base. You see, this base is AWESOME. They do a FREE drop in night the first night of the month here at the CDC (child daycare center, NOT center for disease control, though the two are easily confused for the other!) and you take your kids (if they get a spot, which is coveted and requires being there within 2 minutes of signups starting) and get a night to go on a date, get groceries, sleep… whatever is more important to you… and they have the kids there with their trained daycare workers. It’s incredible. You only get to use it every other month, and so if you miss a month you HAVE to get in for the next or that’s two months without it.

So part of the trick for us, with triplets, is that we take up 3 of the 8 slots in the infant room. I mean, seriously, how insane is that?? So when signing them up this month we got in just barely (got the last three spots), which will be wonderful for June. And then I realized. This is their last time in the infant room.


My babies will be 1 before the next month’s PNO, and even then we can’t use it again until August anyways. Which means the next PNO they will be in the toddlers room.

How does that happen??

Today I’m joining Multiples Monday over at Capri + 3 (You should check out this blog, Theresa’s got a great story!)

multiples monday with capri +3

2 thoughts on “What has happened to time?

  1. Your kids are adorable! Thanks for joining the first Multiples Monday. I hope you link up each week and share your family’s journey. I love your CDC story—very funny!

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