Second year wrap up

Since I will likely forget to do this in two weeks (how did that happen?!), I figured I would do a two year wrap up real quick.

I thought one two year old was… Challenging. And amazing. But mostly challenging. They learn to argue, to disagree, and how to be opinionated. But they also learn sharing and co-play, and how to cuddle and have fun WITH you rather than just at the same time as you.

With three of them? It’s even more entertaining. They try to boss each other around (which doesn’t work well… Let’s go back to the “opinionated” and “argumentative” statement).

Take this for example.

Jaina stole the Mickey Mouse MobiGo game. And they ran around the house fighting over it for half an hour. To the point they were so exhausted Jaina fell asleep. With the game still firmly in her grasp behind her back.

The girls are fully potty trained. Unfortunately with the ability to go to the bathroom solo comes the ability to completely strip naked solo. Sorry, those pictures won’t be taken or posted!

Jacen has decided that Aiden is the coolest kid in the world and imitates his every action (for better or for worse).


Valerie is a parrot- she will repeat anything and everything she hears (for better or for worse).

Overall, we’ve survived, and most importantly so have they. They will arrive in their fourth home on their third birthday (not counting the NICU or Fisher House!), have travelled cross country in 8 days via car, flown 5000+ miles, lived in three time zones, and had more experiences than kids twice their age. Whatever you want to say about this transient military life, it’s never boring, and they are thriving, which is what matters most! How many kids do you know will have experienced snow and beaches, planes and road trips, and visited so many amazing national parks and museums in their first three years?


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  1. Wow Nicole. I can hardly believe the babies are already 2! It’s crazy how quickly time passes. So glad to hear them and Aiden are doing well. I sure miss them all!

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