Well, the girls have indoctrinated me. They wanted to make sure that I don’t forget them when I go home, I think.

Last night, I got projectile poop all over from Val. This morning Jaina projectile vomited. Awesome. 🙂

They’re doing great though! They are on full feeds, and nipping “on cue” which means they can have a bottle if they are awake and showing signs. The girls are a little sleepier, but they’re getting there. Jacen is a champ, just like his brother!

We tried nursing for the first time today! Jacen is a champ at this as well, and Val did great too! Jaina slept through it so we’ll try her again later. Edit to add: all three nursed their bedtime feed!

They are all also getting ready to come to open air cribs maybe tomorrow! We’ll hopefully get them all in one soon, but they might be in separate for a few days to make sure they don’t have reflux issues. Such big steps for such little babies!

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