In true MoM fashion…

So I normally tend to be a little OCD lately. We get ready to leave half an hour before we really need to (and are often still running late due to unforeseen circumstances). I have their shoes in a bag ready to go so we can just take all three pairs out at once without searching for them. The car is stocked with extra clothes/jackets/diapers/wipes/snacks so that we don’t need to pack a bag every time we leave the house. The wagon is permanently stowed in the car for the same reason.

Well, today was one of those days. We KNEW we had family photos this afternoon. There was no question in my mind as to the date. I even looked on the site three times to make sure I had the right time down (I thought it was at 2:30, turns out it was at 3:30). Double checked it again to make sure I read it right. Never once did I double check the date.

We arrived, and I didn’t see the family scheduled before us nor did I see the photographer. I started to worry I had the wrong location. Checked the event page again – nope, I had the right place. Hmm, where is she?! I almost called, and decided to finally check the date just to make sure. Oh look. Not only was I 5 minutes early, but I was also 28 days early. Yes. Days.

So here we are, missing part of our football game, everyone dressed up (hair straightened and makeup on too!), standing in an empty park, and the kids are having a blast playing in the leaves. Well, guess I should at least pull out the camera since they look so cute!

I cannot wait to go back there in a month, with a photographer who actually knows how to use her camera, where we can get all six of us in a photo together, and get some Christmas card photos taken. But for now, here’s the kids today! It’ll be fun to see how much they change in the next month!

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