Hello/Goodbye/Hello again

The fun in moving so much is that you’re likely to come across those you’ve known before or places you’ve lived before. The downside is that in regions with very distinct seasons, such as the northeast, many places aren’t open year round.

Thankfully we are here this time far enough into the summer to at least get a glimpse of the amazing things RI and CT have to offer come Memorial Day!

We were here 6 years ago now (hard to believe!) and found a lot of favorite local spots. One was Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough. It is BYOB, and only offers the basics in terms of plates and utensils. Many locals make an event of it bringing plates, tablecloth, silverware, and wine/glasses for the occasion. With 4 littles we liked the simplicity and were so excited for opening weekend.

On the bright side, this is the easiest whole food to be found at a restaurant. Real lobster, real butter, an artichoke (not pictured as we devoured it so fast) for appetizer.

Can’t really get a better view than this.

Aiden was bribed into his first bite but quickly developed a (expensive) taste for it. Val joined in soon after!


We were excited to get two of the kids to share (though that meant less lobster for me!)


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