Day 3

Today has been… interesting (to say the least).

We got up this morning. Let me back up. Steven got up this morning, hearing running water. He assumed it was the neighbors, or maybe a sink got left on… something normal. Instead we found a spray from the sink and a flood in the bathroom that grew by the second.


(carpet shouldn’t be reflective…)

Remember, the babies sleep on the floor in their cool sleeping mats.


We waited until the last minute, woke them up, and pulled them from that bedroom to the living room to watch cartoons. The lodging people came to fix it quickly, and other than that little incident the stay was actually really nice!


And, on the bright side, cool wet vacs are awesome to 2 year olds!

Then, we got on the road. Grabbed gas from base first, and DUNKIN DONUTS!! Seriously. 3 years since we’ve had that amazingness. How did we survive?!

And then we drove. And drove. Left New Mexico, crossed Texas (thankfully it was less than a day this time as opposed to my last drive through there which took 3 days), and entered Oklahoma!

Needless to say, the fun didn’t end with a broken pipe. Let’s just say that GPS and Oklahoma City are not friends. At all. First, it took us on a weird offramp where people are stopped and look like they’ll drive straight into you and you can’t figure out if you’re going the wrong way or just need to cross the road or what. Then the address we had plugged in for the lodge took us to a not-so-city like area, with run down houses, lots of broken down cars, and some not-so-friendly looking people. Back to the interstate we went, and we finally found our friends.

That’s right – friends! Thanks to the good ole’ Navy, we have friends in the middle of Oklahoma! Seriously. It was incredible to meet up with them, and rejuvenated the spirit like nothing else could. Their daughter babysat Aiden when he was little, and the last time we saw them I was giantly pregnant and about to deliver babies.

Then to the lodge. I have to say – not as impressed. But as long as a pipe doesn’t burst I’ll survive the night 😉

Restaurants I’d forgotten I’d missed (in no particular order): Steak N Shake, Chick Fil A, Dunkin Donuts, McAlister’s Deli… (to be continued)

Miles Traveled: 516
States Traveled: New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma

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  1. Steak N Shake- Yum! We went to one in St. Louis on our way to Fort Leonard Wood. Sounds like you are having a good trip. Stay Sane! I don’t have any tips since Portland was as far as I would go when the kids were little 🙂

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