Day 2

One more day down! Highlights of the day…


We passed 4 national parks/monuments that we couldn’t go to (thankfully they weren’t on the agenda or I’d be more upset).

But the best part? Crossing into our third state of the trip, a new time zone, and realizing how awesome the Air Force is in taking care of its’ families. Our TLF (temporary living facility) is a 3 bdrm house bigger than ours in CA was, for $63/night (making it cheaper too). There’s a minimart 24/7 with more alcohol than even a parent of multiples needs. And running paths as far as the eye can see. 😉

Miles traveled: 536
States traveled: CA, AZ, NM

One thought on “Day 2

  1. Glad u got to see friends on the way! The burst pipe – just another story to tell! Hope the rest of the trip has more fun stories in the repertoire! Love you!

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