Are you kidding me???

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard of or seen it by now, but last year a movie came out that was pure genius on many levels.

First, it had triplets.

Second, they were mischievous. AND they turned into bears. (That should actually be a point in and of itself)

Third, it had a female heroine. I’m all for princesses and white knights on horses coming to their aid, sometimes. But a good story with a female saving the day and rectifying mistakes? Awesome.

If you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about yet, it’s

And I loved it. My kids loved it. Most adults and children alike that I know? Loved it.

She was strong. Courageous. A wicked shot with a bow and arrow. She had attitude, perseverance, and best of all? She looked normal. Children could relate to her. Her hair was frizzy at times. She didn’t wear much makeup (if any). She wore a dress size that is actually made and not a size 0 taken in three inches to suit a 12″ waist.

And guess what? She was recently chosen to be Disney’s 11th Princess. How cool is that??

And then I saw her “make-over.”

Because she wasn’t beautiful enough already, they chose to do this:

Why?? Why, in the world, is that necessary at all?? Firstly, she hated the fancy dress in the movie, so it doesn’t even suit her personality. But secondly, which one would you prefer your young, impressionable daughter to want to imitate? A princess who has a modest dress, bow and arrows at the ready? Or one whose dress is about to fall off a shoulder and is too concerned about her lipgloss to remember to bring her bow with her hunting?

Another site, A Mighty Girl, has launched a petition here.

Sign it. For your daughters. And theirs. And to let Disney know what is really beautiful in the world is a strong, self-sufficient, girl, who might also be a beautiful princess, but is also brave, courageous, and (while strong-willed) is strong in conviction.

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