37 weeks

Wow. I have full term babies now! We brought brother and sister to visit yesterday and got new weights on the kiddos:
Jacen 5 lbs 12.9 oz
Jaina 5 lbs 6 oz
Valerie 5 lbs

Crazy isn’t it? 8 weeks ago we got in the car wondering if we’d be meeting our children. 8 weeks ago I entered this hospital for the first time as an inpatient. 8 weeks ago the docs stopped my labor and while I pray no Hunt has to be an inpatient ever again, I am eternally thankful for those 4 weeks and the perfect children I got because of it.

The words “thank you” have a whole new dimension now. You say, “Thank you,”  to the person that holds a door for you, to the person who serves your dinner at a restaurant, or to a person who says “Bless you” when you sneeze. What in the world can express the gratitude for keeping you safe for 4 weeks, for delivering your children safely, and watching over them for another 4 weeks? A plate of cookies? A heartfelt note? Nothing can express my feelings for the nurses and docs on 3 South, L&D, and the NICU.  If you are reading this, know that the triplets will be told about you and the care you gave over these many days, the tears shed together both in celebration and frustration, and how you will all hold a special place in my heart for years to come.


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