2 years

Two years ago this morning, I walked into Madigan Army Medical Center after having a contraction in the middle of the night. After driving down the highway thinking, “Hmm, they stopped, maybe we could just go home.”

Nope, instead it began our journey with these three little crazy munchkins.

It began with this view. Every time they came to visit me, they got to see this desk and the smiling guards behind it.


And then I got my room. After a couple days, I even got moved to a new room with a window bed. Roommates came and went (some I’ll never forget, others I’ll wish I could!). But I got to look at this every day.


And then I got hospital priviledges. Sure, it was in a wheel chair. But goodness, the relief of eating cafeteria food from the cafeteria rather than from a tray in my room was exciting. And fresh air!


The two amazing men in my life visited every.single.day. (Well, okay, except one, but that was preschool graduation night and there was a big party, and I’ll forgive that!)


It’s hard to believe it was 2 years ago already. I’m pretty sure the next 28 days will go by a lot faster this time around than they did the last!

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