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So we just got back from an amazing trip to Disneyland. It was the second visit for both Aiden as well as the triplets, and boy what a difference a year makes!!

I’ll get a more detailed post (with photos!) up soon, once I go through the 400+ pictures taken, but in the meantime, a few notes that I learned.

    1. A year makes a WORLD of difference. A year ago, we had to drag Aiden onto rides, often kicking and screaming, where he’d then come off the other side happy and glad he did it. But the anticpation was a killer. This year? He dragged us through line after line, often on rides I had no idea he’d like (Splash Mountain again, anyone?). The babies also got to enjoy the wonder of Disney for real. They rode some rides, enjoyed the sights, and loved listening to the crowds and music everywhere in the park.
    2. No matter how many lovies you have, you never have enough. Take Dino for example:

      We brought two of every animal with us (except monkey, because we cannot find the extra monkeys). We weren’t worried about losing Monkey because, well, Valerie will let us know if it ever leaves her grip. Seriously. If you hear screaming and MAMAMAMAMA coming out of her, she dropped it. Probably in the last 5 miliseconds.
      Dino, on the other hand, is not as highly demanded. We lost it. Twice. Lost the first day. Found at lost and found day 2. And lost again day 3. How did that happen? I’m not sure. But we’re ordering a replacement as we speak (and two extra Monkeys. In which case we’ll find the two missing ones in the house).
    3. Nothing can compare to bubbles. No matter how many toys he saw in the park, how many cool Disney exclusive goodies, all he wanted was a silly bubble blower that you can get for $1 at Target. Finally he relented when I promised him that we’d buy him one when we got home.

      Seriously. $2.99 online. $20 at the park. Not happening.
    4. No one ever gets too old for a Disney ride or for a Mickey mouse pretzel. Or for screaming like a little kid going down Splash Mountain. Thankfully he got soaked and I didn’t.
    5. Triplets can, and will, run in three directions. I think it’s a given. The cute hand-holding siblings on TV? It’s staged. They cannot and will not do that voluntarily. It’s like it goes against their very being.
    6. We gave many twin parents a boost during the course of the weekend. More than once we saw a twin parent look at us and get a smile on their face like, “Wow, if they can do it I guess we can suck it up too!” And then there was the twin parent with the twins as children #4 and #5, with a bonus baby #6 who was barely old enough to hold it’s own bottle. Man, if she can hold it together, I think I can for a few more hours! We had a deja vu moment in the restaurant as a family with twins who were 3 months old sat near us, which was just how old ours were last year when we came. It was amazing to think back that far and see how far we’ve come since then (Cue the screaming and fork throwing!)

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