The good, the bad, and the ugly…

So I’m always complaining about outings when you have triplets and the attention you gather. I thought I’d share this weeks “good, bad, and ugly,” of having triplets in Monterey!

The Good:

Okay, so we were at the Farmer’s Market. I was loading the kids up and saw the car next to mine had a license plate that read “H <3 Quads.” I thought, “No, couldn’t be!” So, I peaked into the window, and saw four matching carseats. Ding ding ding! We have a winner!
I wrote this note about how I had triplets and it’d be great to meet and as I was putting it on the window, they walked up. We chatted for a while. Too bad, they are actually moving fairly soon. Two seemed identical, two fraternal (but I wasn’t about to ask!).
THEN! the triplet mama we met at the easter bunny pictures a few weeks back walked up with her choo choo wagon!
I love this multiples world…

The Bad:

Ugh, all of the questions about gender, conception, gestation, etc etc…. gets old after a while… I won’t bore you with the same complaints I normally have…

The Ugly:

The lady at the aquarium. We had the double strollers, so the girls were in one and Jace was in the other. I approach as a lady asks Steven, “Are the girls twins?” He replied, “No.” She frowned, said “Too bad,” and walked away. Really? My girls aren’t cute enough to at least smile at unless they’re twins/triplets?? Lol.

That ties with the people who thing it’s twins and an older boy baby. Because it’s humanly possible to carry babies that are only a few months apart. I mean, he’s bigger, but not THAT much bigger….

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