There’s a world above 1 foot off the ground…

Perspective. It’s amazing how it changes as we grow older. As a child, becoming Superman is our dream. Then we get older and it becomes a veterinarian, a doctor, a athelete, or even a hot rod mechanic. Whatever it is, something changed our perspective on what was possible in the world.

As a parent, it’s incredible to watch a child have that moment of discovery. Where they realize that all they’ve ever known isn’t the end-all-be-all to the world. For Jaina, that day was today. She realized that there is more to this world than what lies under her hands on the ground, or possibly extends up to about 6 inches. There’s a couch, likely covered with toys (put there in an effort to keep them away from younger grabbing hands). There’s a mirror toy with buttons , but ABOVE THAT there are lights and other buttons. There’s a stroller with a foot rest that may or may not have toys and odds and ends up above. A blanket on a chair. You get the picture.

It’s been discovered that there is a world out there above crawling-head-height, and that it is immensely more interesting than carpet and little rubber blocks (though, those are still fun sometimes too).

I have a feeling the medicine cabinet will need to be filled with bandaids in the near future, that ER trips may become commonplace, and that bumps and bruises may be commented on by friends and neighbors in an effort to ascertain the need of a call to CPS. But without all of that, and this new perspective, how will she ever learn that there’s a whole entire world that exists outside of these four walls, and above standing-head-height?




















Thank goodness that’s the final result so far and nothing further.

One thought on “There’s a world above 1 foot off the ground…

  1. It is interesting to watch how the babies’ perspectives expand. Your pictures are cute. Ours now notice whatever is outside of the boundaries and that is what they want. It must be better if it is on on the outside of the baby gate… They teach us about child proofing by their attempts to expand their world.

    : 0 ) Theresa

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