On the move again??

So, the Hunt family has been here in the northeast for about 5 months and we have tried to cram in as much as possible as we had no idea coming into this where we would be moving come May when the training ends.

Well, we finally got word where we’re headed. Aloha to Sunshine, Mai Tais, and flip flops!!

With this news, we’re trying to hit up the last places around. This weekend was Providence Children’s Museum and the Union Station Brewery!

Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be able to run the Marine Corps Marathon again this year. On the bright side, my sister in law is going to take my spot and run it for me! We’re still going to support the Fisher House in this effort, just me from the Honolulu marathon in December and her at MCM in October!!





2 thoughts on “On the move again??

  1. SO EXCITED! Hawaii! Now I know I can talk Erica into going to visit you all! Keep in touch. I am very excited for you. Blessings!

    1. What, you didn’t want to come to the northeast during winter?!? Hawaii is more enticing? I can’t understand why!! 😉

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