July 4th

The fourth of July was amazing in Monterey, CA. Mostly because there were no fireworks allowed. Yes, I know that makes me sound like a scrooge, but fireworks at 2am from drunken neighbors? No, thank you. Everyone in bed by 730 and us drinking wine while watching A Capitol Fourth on TV? Yes, please.

We made it out to a little town in between Monterey and Salinas called Spreckles in the morning. Got a gorgeous 10k in before the sun got too hot (Even though it was partially on dirt fields which isn’t so much fun with a double jogger). They had an AMAZING park/street vendor/fair going on, complete with food, goodies, and a parade. We didn’t stick around for the parade because what 4 yr old likes to stand still and watch people walk by very slowly? And the babies were well overdue for bottles and a nap. But the rest of it was amazing. Definitely have that in the plans for next year too!

We went to a neighbors pot luck get together and it was a ton of fun. The babies waited patiently while we got the wagon together.

And Aiden pulled them most of the way there. The wagon is the best. thing. ever.

Then we got back and played in the magic kitchen cabinet. You know, the one with all non-breakable items that the babies are allowed to destroy daily. Who knew that tupperware could be so much fun?!

All in all, it was a successful holiday. No one got injured (more than normal), and everyone had a pretty fun day, I think.

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