July 4th


First off, I saw this meme, and it cracked me up. Seriously. Love it.IMG_0809

3/4 looking isn’t too bad, right?IMG_0819

Thankful for an amazing neighborhood with great get togethers and lots of yummy food…IMG_0821


Though I’m thinking we might need to get Aiden a new camping chair… his doesn’t quite fit him any more!IMG_0822 IMG_0823

Bounce houses for the win. Knowing there were fireworks later that night, we went home for a short movie and hopefully nap time. Only one of the four took us up on the sleeping option, but the relaxing quiet time definitely helped them all!IMG_0824

I do want to know why kids despise naps so much, though. If you told four adults they could pull out sleeping bags for a movie and fall asleep, they wouldn’t make it through opening credits…IMG_0826

Now that we’re big 4 year olds (and a 7 year old), late night fireworks aren’t an automatic no. We had a blast with glow sticks, snacks, and campchairs by the water.IMG_0832 IMG_0834Happy Independence Day, America!


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