As happens so often, we leave a place right as we’re starting to get used to it. And we always find one or two last things that we hadn’t managed to get around to while in that place, that we say “Man, why didn’t we do this more while we were here?!”

Beach bonfires are definitely on that list. Granted, I’m not sure we would have enjoyed them a month ago, much less a year ago. The kids are finally self sufficient enough that we can let them run and play on the beach and since it was so big there was no fear of them making it to the water. It was great to hang out with a couple of friends that are also leaving this quarter.

They fully enjoyed running and having freedom. There was a huge set of stairs to get down to the beach and we realized… these kids haven’t really ever done stairs by themselves (not more than one or two, anyways). That’s definitely going to be a learning point when (if) we move into a 2 story house!


We made Davey Crockett bars for the party. Essentially, they are yummy chocolate chip oatmeal cookie goodiness, but when you’re trying to clean out a panty you have to make do. So white chocolate and cherry morsels it was! They actually ended up surprisingly good even with that change, but a little sweeter than normal. Jacen didn’t mind though…



Aiden was enjoying showing the babies around and exploring. They found a cool drain pipe that we were glad wasn’t ground level or we were sure they might have crawled away in it.


The girls decided to play chase. Unfortunately they didn’t want to take the picture the way I wanted, but it worked!


Mountain climbing was also a favorite activity. Turns out that when the mountain is a sand dune, though, it’s not as easy to climb you’d think.


And Aiden practiced his snow angels for when we move. Sand, snow, same thing!


As much fun as it was, I’m glad that we didn’t try it a while ago or we probably wouldn’t have had such a fond memory. They avoided the fire, listened (fairly) well, and had a lot of fun. We were sandy and tired out after and they were asleep before we made it out of the parking lot. Fond memories of Monterey!

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