2011 in review

What a year it has been.

2011 started with believing we were moving overseas to Japan in a matter of months. Aiden attended his first Gators football game (not counting the game he went to in-utero back in 2007). January 7th was a day that we will never forget as we found out we were not just pregnant, but pregnant with triplets. Madness ensued trying to get a call to a submarine somewhere in the water, not knowing when or how my husband would hear the news (or if he would believe it once he did!). So many people were involved in the process of getting the call to the hubby – Ombudsman, CO’s wife, CO, XO, Weps… friends that I will never forget, and were involved in a day I will forever remember. Even foreign friends whom I’ve never met, but yet are always involved in the telling of the story as they were there when phone calls were placed to family.

From there, we went through chaos as we didn’t know what would happen with orders. It could have been to any place in the US. With the hubby under water and only having intermittent communication, we were left not really sure what would happen, and it was hard to coordinate between a detailer, a wife, and a submariner. Finally, we were put in orders heaven, with orders to NPS in Monterey, CA. For those unfamiliar with Navy life, NPS means that my husbands’ sole job would be attending school and getting his masters degree. No duty. No late night work hours. No weekends. Just some studying after hours and maybe working on his thesis later on. But for now? He’s home by 5 and we’re currently in the middle of a 3 week winter break.

Come mid-May, we were asked to leave early. Talked to the doctor, everything was okayed as I had a perfect pregnancy up till then (that was at 28 weeks), and we were looking to move within a week or two. God decided that wasn’t a good plan and I went into preterm labor May 22nd. Quickly talked to the detailer, AGAIN, and we were staying until August.

Then came 4 weeks of hospital bedrest and family flying in to take care of the big brother while hubby finished up work on the sub and I was in the hospital. One fateful day in June the babies decided it was time, and they were finally born! June 20th, at 918am and 919am we were blessed with three perfectly healthy preemies. Then came 4 weeks of NICU time with staying in the Fisher House (I will never be able to repay them for the care and support they provided!) and travelling back and forth, including me staying 2 last nights at Madigan to get Valerie finally home.

Then we were off to California! 1000 miles, 18 hours, and we arrived with three 6-week-olds in tow. A week in the Navy lodge, moving into our new house, and we finally got unpacked.

Now, in December, after rearranging some furniture we are “settled” in, as childproofed as can be, and preparing for 2012.

To all those who have been here for us through this year, thank you. And to those we’ve only recently met, we are excited to share this next part of our journey with you!

This year was crazy. Busy. Stressful. Chaotic. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. If 2012 could only be half as crazy, though, I’d appreciate it!

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