16 months!

Wow, how the time flies. It’s incredible to think that we’ve been here for a year now. The babies are well over a year old (both adjusted and birth age). We are doing things for the second time. Pumpkin patches, trips to the aquarium, even just walks around the neighborhood are such a different world than they were one year ago.

I haven’t gotten one of me holding all three yet this month, but you can see it’s getting a bit harder to do (this was 14 months!)! We’re going to try to keep going a few more months, but we might have to call it quits shortly!

Our last trip to Dennis the Menace park was an interesting one. We met up with a couple of friends (they have a boy in Aiden’s class who is his best friend, and a baby girl the same age as our triplets).

Sand is a wonderful thing. It’s fun. Tastes good. and makes cool things happen when you throw it in the air.

Water Bottles are second only to sand. It’s even better if you try to drink the water and then play in the sand immediately after.

We don’t fit two children per swing anymore! It makes it hard since most parks only have two infant swings. Thankfully, two of the three thought the sand was much more fun than the swing.

And again. Water Bottle>Sand>Swing.

We learned how to lure Valerie back where we wanted by using monkey, and that Jaina would go anywhere as long as you gave her a water bottle. Jacen really just wanted to play in the sand.

Oh, and birds are smarter than we give them credit for. Blanket + four toddlers + a bag of white popcorn = swarms of birds ready to eat it all. Some were even big enough to fly away with Jaina, I believe.

I have to admit – the park with four mobile children is a much different experience than when we had one. Before, our biggest worry was Aiden falling or getting hurt, so we’d stay near him, mostly in the back of the park near the big play set and slide. Now? Our worry is a child running out the entrance. The best part of the park is it only has one way out. One way in. One way out. Just the way I like it. So this time? We positioned ourselves by the gate. We’d look for Aiden every now and then to make sure he was playing nice, but mostly he had free reign with his friend while we kept the babies from running out the door.

Jacen just wanted to crawl and eat. He was not phased one bit if his popcorn had sand on it. Or if his sand had popcorn in it. Either way he was having fun.

Jaina was content with the food and running until she saw the water bottle. All bets were off after that.

Val was our little safety guard. She was standing and a couple older kids came running past and, I swear, if it had been real human language instead of baby-speak, it would have sounded something like, “Slow down! You’re going to get hurt! You almost knocked me over! Walk don’t run!” She even bent over as she was yelling and I’m sure if she could waggle her finger she would have. Our little mother hen always at work.

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